Rajasthan State Seeds Corporation Limited

In the Year 2016-17 total seed production area of foundation seed in Kharif, Rabi, and Zaid were 21,772, 35,741 and 958 hectare respectively. During Kharif 2016-17, 88,010 quintals certified seed and 7,003 quintals foundation seed was produced and in Rabi 2016-17, estimated production of certified seed will be 5,19,450 quintals and foundation seed will be 64,493 quintals In Zaid 2016 production of certified seed and foundation seed was 6,656 quintal and 90 quintal respectively. Hence, total estimated production will be Approximate 6,85,702 quintals, while in the year 2015-16 during Kharif season 71,701 quintals certified seed and 2103 quintals foundation seed was produced. In Zaid 2015 production was 8,493 quintal certified seed and 266 Quintal of foundation Seed. hence, during 2015-16 total seed production was 4,60,842 quintal In compliance of the 2015-16 budget announcement, RSSC produced vegetable seed of different crops like Cluster Bean, Bottle Gourd, Ridge Gourd, Okra, Beans, Round Gourd, Carrot, Pea etc. In the year 2015-16 total 113 quintals and during 2016-17, 130 quintals seed vegetable seed produced.